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nhi h uX„ёcl "XhnXbё*uh r XVXёl „ёbё* Аi hVXСщ bX"nhP mёbё Rl h hl

nhc• l c • u cёmёnXmbXPi bXcXr Xcl “• g nhi h • h"cn• CMdf i h"hPС° h

cbX"nёn• F c n• m• cёmёnXё’ • c“hbnhPОml d• uXdf i h"hi h • hch“ёn

nh r hdё"• CM “ёdhP chKbXnF l c nёcuhdvuh df „p ёСъ mnhi hdёl n• K

“h“h"MK uf dvl f b df „p ё chKbXnF l "cKh’ ёcl v cёmёnXdF CёbnM r h

cё"nhPОr b• „ёm cёmёnX ’ ёdl h i • “b• VnhP x hbmM hl d• „XF l c nё

cuhdvuh df „p ёP chKbXnnhcl vF Оhch“ёnnh r h cbX"nёn• F c r ccl bhi •

“b• VnhPСэ bёV• "• Vh" udё"ёbh" nX• mёnvp ёё cn• ’ ёn• ё "cKh’ ёcl •

r bh• cKhV• l f udё"ёbX “ёdhi h r h cbX"nёn• F c df i h"Mm • i • “b• V


%ё*uhё cn• ’ ёn• ё "cKh’ ёcl • cёmn Xb• VnMK uhbmh"MK bXcl ёn• P

r bh• cKhV• l " l ё„ёn• ё r ёb"MKЕ l • mёcCё" r b• KbXnёn• • " h“M„nMK

f cdh" • KС ° h • cl ё„ёn• • “hdёё Vd• l ёdvnhi h r ёb• hVX KbXnёn• 

jЙАi hVXa cёmёnXr hdnhcl vF l ёbF l ’ • *nёcr hch“nhcl vС

щ bё*f dvl Xl ё cёdёuC• hnёbM "Mnf ’ VёnM r bh"hV• l v „Xcl Mё r ёbё

cё"M uhddёuC• hnnMK h“bX*Ch"О„l h c"*Xnh uXu ch *nX„• l ёdvnMm•

Ruhnhm• „ёcu• m• *Xl bXl Xm• О l ёKn• „ёcu• m• l bf Vnhcl m• О l Xu • c f i bh

*hP r hl ёb• • cKhVnhi h Vd cёdёuC• • cёmёnnhi h mXl ёb• XdXС

S *"ёcl nhО„l h " r bhCёccё KbXnёn•  " cёmёnXK r bh• cKhV• l mnhi h

cdh’ nMK “• hK• m• „ёcu• K r bhCёcch"Оuhl hbMёОc hVnhP cl hbhnMОnё

h“KhV• mMVd r hVVёb’ Xn•  ’ • *n• *XbhVMp XОXc Vbf i hP c"• Vёl ёdv

cl "f F l h nX„• nXF g • Kc nёh“bXl • mMKr bhCёccXKС

' Xu• m h“bX*hmОVd• l ёdvnhcl v ’ • *n• cёmn hr bёVёdёl c cuhbh

cl vF bX*bf p • l ёdvnMK r bhCёcch"Оuhl hbX *X" • c• l uXu hl i ёnёl • „ё

cu• K hch“ёnnhcl ёPОcl bhёn•  • chcl X"X cёmnОl Xu • hl x Xul hbh"

"nёp nёP cbёVMС+ l cF VX"Ml ёuXёl О„l h ch*VXn• ё f cdh"• PОcr hch“cl "f

F g • K*XmёVdёn• F nёh“bXl • mMKr bhCёcch" " cёmёnXKО"dёl c “• h

dhi • „ёcuhP hcnh"hP r b• ёmh" • KKbXnёn• С

° bXul • „ёcu• P hr Ml KbXnёn•  r huX*XdО„l h "X’ nMm• x Xul hbXm•

Vd• l ёdvnhP chKbXnnhcl • cёmn "dF l c • K"dX’ nhcl v • l ёmr ёbXl f

bXСs l • V"Xx Xul hbX"*X• mhc"*XnMО"M"dёnX*X"• c• mhcl v "d• n• 

• KnX’ • *nёcr hch“nhcl v cёmnС

щdX’ nhcl v cёmn "ёd• „• nX nёr hcl hnnX • mh’ ёl Vh"hdvnh

c• dvnh • *mёnl vc " *X"• c• mhcl • hl hl nhc• l ёdvnhP "dX’ nhcl • • l ёm

r ёbXl f bM"h*VfKXСI nX„• l ёdvnMё uhdё“Xn•  chVёb’ Xn•  "hVM" cёmё

nXKОhch“ёnnh "Mp ё ub• l • „ёcuhi h f bh"nОhl b• CXl ёdvnh cuX*M"XF l c

nX• KVhdi h"ё„nhcl • С

+ l b• CXl ёdvnhё "d• n• ё r h"Mp ёnnhP "dX’ nhcl • Оhch“ёnnh r b•

"MchuhP l ёmr ёbXl f bёОchcl h• l " l hmО„l h " Rl • Kf cdh"• K• nl ёnc• "nh

r bhl ёuXF l r bhCёccM h“mёnX" cёmёnXKСщ r bhCёccё VMKXn•  cёmёnX

nё l hdvuh bXcKhVf F l hbi Xn• „ёcu• ё r • l Xl ёdvnMё "ёg ёcl "XОnh r b•

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