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mn • "Mёmuё • K • * ёmuhcl ёP r ёbёVn• ё • “huh"Mё cl hbhnM bXmM

r hVcl X"u• *XubM"XF l c Vёbё"nnMm• r dXnuXm• ОX"ёbK"hubf i ёmuh

cl ёP *Xcl • dXёl c VhcuXm• • d• x XnёbhPС шX *XVnёP cl hbhnё

bXmM r hVcl X"u• ubёr l c Vёbё"nnMё “bf cvОuhl hbMё cdf ’ Xl Vd

chёV• nёn•  Vёbё"nnMK uhncl bf uC• P f cl Xnh"u• • ubёr dёn•  nXn• K

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э hёV• nёn• ё ёmuhcl ёP " f cl Xnh"uё r hcdёVh"Xl ёdvnhёСNX’ VX ёm

uhcl v • mёёl n• ’ n• P "KhV• "ёbKn• P "vi ёhVnhP p l f CёbСщ "ёbKnёP „X

cl • ёmuhcl • bXcr hdh’ ёn r bёVhKbXn• l ёdvnMP udXr Xn • i ёbmёl • „nMP

*XubM"XF g • Pc dF uО„ёbё* uhl hbMP r bh"hV• l c *Xi bf *uX cёmnСщ

uX’ VhP ёmuhcl • r hmёg ёnh r h Е cёul hbhh“bX*nhi h cё„ёn•  bёp ёl „X

l MKuhnl ёPnёbh"О" uhl hbMё *Xi bf ’ XF l c cёmёnXСNhnl ёPnёbM" ёmuh

cl KbX*mёg ёnM" V"Xbfc XСФd f Vh“cl "XbX“hl Mc cёmёnXm• uX’ VMP

uhnl ёPnёb nXbf „uё • mёёl nhmёbСщ bёi • cl bXC• hnnhm ’ f bnXdё h“bX*

Ch" cёmn uhnl ёPnёbMmhi f l “Ml v h“h*nX„ёnM cdёVf F g • m h“bX*hmЗ

I ш • d• I щ


jl СёСcёmёnXnXKhVl c " l bёl vёP ёmuhcl • " r ёb"hm uhnl ёP

nёbё n• ’ nёi h • d• "l hbhm uhnl ёPnёbё "ёbKnёi h bf ch"aС' Xuhё bX*mё

g ёn• ё cёmn " uhnl ёPnёbXK h“ёcr ё„• "Xёl “hdёё hr ёbXl • "nf F h“bX

“hl uf KbXn• mMKcёmnС

ъ cl Xnh"uXbX*mёg ёnX " nёhl Xr d• "Xёmhm r hmёg ёn• • r dhg XVvF

ЙЕ mз • r hV"ёb’ ёnXuhdё“Xn• m l ёvp ёbXl f bM • hl nhc• l ёdvnhP "dX’

nhcl • "h*Vf KX" *X"• c• mhcl • hl r hi hVnMK f cdh"• P • cё*hnh" i hVXС

+VnXuh " cXmhP f cl Xnh"uё *nX„• l ёdvnhi h uhdё“Xn•  l ёmr ёbXl f bMnё


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