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VX uhbmh"MK bXcl ёn• PОchKbXnёn• ёm • K "Mchu• K r hcё"nMK uX„ёcl "

r b• r hcdёf “hbh„nhP h“bX“hl uё • KbXnёn• • С

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щh mnhi • K bёi • hnXK %hcc• • chKbXnёn• ё "Mchu• K r hcё"nMK uX

„ёcl " cёmn uhbmh"MK ufd vl f bОhch“ёnnh i ёnhx hnVXО" l ё„ёn• ё Vd•

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cr ёC• XdvnMKKbXn• d• g О" uhl hbMKr hVVёb’ • "Xd• cv “Mhr l • mXdvnMё

f cdh"•  KbXnёn• С

жnXd• * m• bh"hi h • hl ё„ёcl "ёnnhi h hr Ml XKbXnёn•  cёmn bX*d• „

nMK uf dvl f b r huX*M"Xёl О„l h KbXnёn• ё • K " hr l • mXdvnMK f cdh"• K

h“ёcr ё„• "Xёl c r b• cl X“• dvnhm r hVVёb’ Xn• • l ёmr ёbXl f bMcbёVMnX

f bh"nё Р Я Й пэ • hl nhc• l ёdvnhP "dX’ nhcl • "h*Vf KXnё "Mp ё ЯМL Сэ

f „ёl hm Rl • K l bё“h"Xn• P r hcl bhёnM nXC• hnXdvnMё KbXn• d• g Xi ёnh

x hnVXbXcl • l ёdvnMKbёcf bch" " э O жОo r hn• • О%hcc• PcuhP ®ёVёbX

C• • • Vbf i • K cl bXnXKС+ VnXuh ch*VXn• ё l Xu• K KbXn• d• g " c"*• c

“hdvp • m• uXr • l XdvnMm• *Xl bXl Xm• • bXcKhVXm• nXchVёb’ Xn• ё Vd

nё“hdvp • KuhddёuC• PОnXc„• l M"XF g • K Й ЙМl McСёV• n• C KbXnёn• О

Ruhnhm• „ёcu• nё "cёi VXhr bX"VXnhС

щ nXcl hg ёё "bёm cёmёnXi ёnhx hnVX• uhddёuC• hnnMKh“bX*Ch"

" “hdvp • ncl "ё cёdёuC• hnnMKf „bё’ Vёn• P KbXnl c " h“M„nMKdX“h

bXl hbnMK f cdh"• K j" “f mX’ nMK r Xuёl XKОmXl ёb„Xl MKmёp h„uXKОmё

l Xdd• „ёcu• K uhbh“uXK• ' СФСaО„l h nc "cёi VXh“ёcr ё„bi ёXёl Vd• l ёdvnhё

chKbXnёn• ё • K“ё* bё*uhi h cn• ’ ёn•  "cKh’ ёcl • С

э ёmёnXОuXu ’ • "Mё hbi Xn• *mMОc l ё„ёn• ёm "bёmёn• r hcl ёr ёnnh

cl XbёF l • " uhnCё uhnCh" r hdnhcl vF f l bX„• "XF l cr hch“nhcl v r bh

bXcl Xl vС° b• KbXnёn• • " h“M„nMKf cdh"• KcёmёnXmnhi • K"• Vh" bXc

l ёn• P nX„• nXF l cn• ’ Xl v cr hch“nhcl v u r bhbXcl Xn• F c r ёb"hi h i hVX

KbXnёn• ОXr h • cl ё„ёn• • АМdёl f n• K r bh• cKhV• l bё*uhё cn• ’ ёn• ё

"cKh’ ёcl • О • „ёbё* ЛЙ dёl hn• cl Xnh"l c r bXul • „ёcu• nёr b• i hVnM

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шX• “hdёё “Mcl bh cn• ’ Xёl c "cKh’ ёcl v f cёmn uhcl bёCX “ё*h

cl hi h • V"f u• cl h„• • uXl bhcl n• uh"hi h j„ёbё* МЛ dёl aС%ё*uhё cn• ’ ё

n• ё "cKh’ ёcl • f n• K r bh• cKhV• l f ’ ё nXl bёl vёm i hVf KbXnёn• Съ

"MchuhuX„ёcl "ёnnMKh“bX*Ch" l • mhx ёё"u• "cKh’ ёcl v cёmn r bXul •

„ёcu• cn• ’ Xёl c " l ё„ёn• ё Мdёl О" l h "bёm uXu f h“bX*Ch" r hn• ’ ёn

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